FolderShare is Almost a Good Idea

I was taking a look at the Windows Live FolderShare beta, and it seemed to be exactly what I wanted.  I have a few forum reply templates and AutoHotkey macros that I could use both at home and work, and using a USB drive to keep them in sync just feels kind of lame in this age of internet connectivity.

I uninstalled it after using it for 10 seconds.  All I want out of the program is to share the particular folders that I tell it to share.  Instead, the program gives access to every drive on connected machines; the purpose of libraries is to specify what folders you want to keep in sync.

This makes use of the program unacceptable at work; I like to think my passwords are secure but running FolderShare means if my account is cracked then the source files on my hard drive are exposed.  Unacceptable.

Why couldn’t they resist sharing every single folder?  Why couldn’t they at least let me configure whether I want to allow this from the machine?  The only other tool I know of is DropBox, and it’s in private beta so I can’t try it out.  I wonder if there’s any other solutions, or if I could whip up something quick in .NET that does it?