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Thinking asynchronously

I started playing with Node.js yesterday. It was easy to pick up, but the hardest part was getting used to thinking in a completely asynchronous manner. I’ve done a ton of work making Windows Forms programs behave asynchronously, but in … Continue reading

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Jonathan’s Card

The feel-good news item last week was Jonathan’s Card. Apparently Starbucks lets people use their phones as a sort of loyalty + gift card by displaying a barcode. Some guy made his barcode public and offered to let anyone use … Continue reading

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New Article: Converting Numbers to Strings

I’m not keeping up my blog like I should. To try and fix this, I’m going to attack my backlog of “articles to end forum posts”. I’m active on some beginners’ VB .NET forums, and some questions come up very … Continue reading

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The iPhone changed my life.

Linkbait! Monday I ended my relationship with Sprint. I spent a whole 8 hours as a free man then signed my soul away to AT&T. It’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made. I had a BlackBerry Curve 8300, … Continue reading

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RIM’s newest attempt at relevance.

RIM just announced they’re going to port their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application to Android and iPhone. This news is a great indicator of why I believe RIM won’t make it through the smartphone wars. I bought a BlackBerry curve in … Continue reading

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Screencasting on Windows

I’m very active on the Xtreme VB Talk forums; it’s the first programming forum I ever joined and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other developers. This year I’m trying to transform my blog from a cobweb collector to something … Continue reading

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Early Adoption, Smartphones, and Chauvinism

I stumbled across an MSDN Magazine article from a tweet that pointed out it made the absurd statement that all people with smartphones are early adopters. That was strange enough, but then I found myself disgusted with an apparent attempt … Continue reading

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Perilous Parallel.For

I’ve been playing a lot with the Task Parallel Library because I’m really excited about the new Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern. Someone on the VB forum asked a question that was more or less about parallelizing a task, and I endeavored … Continue reading

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I guess I have to weigh in on Silverlight

I’m going to assume you’re familiar with the Microsoft stack and moderately familiar with the current furor over the shift in Silverlight’s strategy. If you’re not, this is going to be a boring post and you should move on. I … Continue reading

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Fiddling with the blog

I want to fiddle with the theme or find a theme that works better than the default one. If stuff looks broken, I’m probably going to fix it. Probably. *Update* I’m done with what I want to fool with tonight; … Continue reading

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