More IDE Omissions

This one was enough to warrant an adventure in continuity.

I’m making an application in WPF to get a feel for how some of the technology works, since so far I’ve been using it in little sandbox applications.  I got all my data classes made and decided it was time to make the UI.  I want to make a dialog, so I figure it’s like how I’d do it in Windows Forms: "Right-click project>>Add Window", right?  Wrong.

I can add a Windows Form from the right-click menu.  If I just go to "Add>>New Item…", I can add a WPF User Control, but apparently no one thought you’d want more than one Window per project.  I believe the right-click menu issue is because I’m not using an Application Definition but a Main method to kick off my application.  It’s still aggravating.  Once again, the IDE is punishing me because my approach to application architecture isn’t what VS considers the "right" way.  Now I have to manually add a XAML file (as an XML file, then rename it and add the Window element manually) and a code-behind file, making sure that I get the x:Class attribute right and import the correct namespaces.  Tell my why we paid for an IDE again?