Consumer Satisfaction

I want to pat Activision support on the back since I complained yesterday.  I emailed their tech support with my problem and was told I’d get a response within two business days.  I pretty much expected this to mean 3 weeks or so.  They answered within 6 hours on a weekend.  I am very pleased with this experience.  If anyone from Activision reads this, you have my compliments on your tech support.

I don’t think it’s the disc anymore because after letting everything sit for a few hours I’m not having any problems with the game.  I’m thinking my Wii’s on the fritz and maybe it needs a cleaning.  I wonder if there’s even a cleaning kit for the Wii?

The game itself is pretty cool.  The reviews seem to complain that it doesn’t bring very much new to the GH series, but that leads me to ask what exactly new we need.  I bought it to play a rhythm and timing game that plays rock music, and this is what the game delivers.  I fail to see how you could be disappointed.