Consumer Disappointment

Sometime last week, Amazon had some kind of Wii blowout where all of the Gold Box deals were Wii-related.  I saw Guitar Hero III discounted to the point where it cost as much as a normal game, so I scooped it up.

It came in yesterday but a friend was having a BBQ so I didn’t get the chance to fool with it until late.  When I did give it a whirl, I was very disappointed to find it has a horrible skipping problem.  It’s impossible to play along when the music doesn’t start until you’ve played for 10 seconds and the lyrics sound like "Slosloslosloslosloslosloslos ririririririririride".  It’s probably a defective disc, but it’s going to be annoying to have to package it all back up and send it to Amazon.

I’m trying Windows Live Writer

From a post on lifehacker I saw that Picasa had labeling/tags (which I didn’t know existed and ended up buying Photoshop Album to make up for).  However, the next post pointed me to Windows Live Photo Gallery, which doesn’t have quite as much polish as Picasa but makes labeling pictures part of the UI instead of a secondary feature.  This Windows Life software is pretty nice, and made this blog post (if nothing goes wrong!).

Now I have to tag all of my pictures again :/

So I’m getting married

7 years, 8 months, and a week ago I made a decision that has affected my life more than any other I have made, and asked a girl if she would go out with me. Since then, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve had some awful fights and occasionally said things to each other we didn’t mean, but nothing has changed the fact that since that day I’ve been completely certain that this girl was perfect for me.

I’ve met some interesting women in my still short lifetime, but ever since I met this one I have never desired another woman. We’ve put this day off at the advice of others for what feels like decades, but is honestly perhaps 2 years longer than when I think we were tired of rationalizing waiting.

Out of all that I have done, and out of all of the accomplishments that others tell me I should be proud of, I don’t believe there will ever come a day when I look back at my life and place anything over what is going to happen this Saturday. I love her, and this is the final step in the process of declaring my love but the first step in proving this love.

I am horrible at displaying affection, and I hope that I can make her know how happy I feel about this change in our lives.