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The iPhone changed my life.

Linkbait! Monday I ended my relationship with Sprint. I spent a whole 8 hours as a free man then signed my soul away to AT&T. It’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made. I had a BlackBerry Curve 8300, … Continue reading

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My AT&T Uverse Installation Experience

I moved to a new apartment last weekend, and as part of the move I switched from Time Warner cable/internet/phone to AT&T Uverse service.  I made the change because AT&T advertised higher download speeds for a similar price, and my … Continue reading

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Is it right to drill so close inland?

Yesterday I asked this question and left it unanswered because I didn’t want to rush.  I’ve spent a little time thinking about it and I know what I want to say. First, a disclosure.  The oil industry has been very … Continue reading

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The Gulf Oil Spill

What a fine mess.  I’m mostly uninformed about the spill because the only source of news I really follow is “people talking on Twitter”.  I got a little angry about what some people were saying the other day and @hotgazpacho … Continue reading

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The Flaming Lips Part 2: The Prequel

Here’s part 2 of my The Flaming Lips concert post, in which I discuss the pre-show stuff.  I’ll talk about Austin Music Hall in general some other time; Yelp’s reviews are pretty accurate for now. Pre-Show This got too big … Continue reading

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The Flaming Lips

Oh March 12, 2010, The Flaming Lips played at Austin Music Hall.  This show is on my “top 5 events of my life and stuff I’ll probably reflect on when I’m dying” list.  It was incredible. I have pages of … Continue reading

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What does a software engineer do?

It is not uncommon for me to find myself in a social situation where someone asks me what I do.  When I state, “I’m a software engineer,” the conversation dries up pretty quickly.  My guess?  People ask what you do … Continue reading

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On New Year’s Resolutions

So I’ve already missed one of my resolutions multiple times.  That resolution was “blog about something once a week.”  The biggest problem I have is I wait to blog until I have something epic to talk about; I need to … Continue reading

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I have broken my body, and now I must repair it.

Let’s talk about what’s been going on inside my body on an average day for the past few years. I started the day with whatever breakfast I felt like.  Sometimes it would be leftovers, but I’ll pick “kolache day” as … Continue reading

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Trending Topics Aren’t the Problem

Shel Israel says Twitter’s trending topics aren’t useful. For the most part, I agree. I’ve been watching people game trending topics for months; sometimes to the extent that I expect “trending topic” or “trend” to become a trending topic instead … Continue reading

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