So I’m getting married

7 years, 8 months, and a week ago I made a decision that has affected my life more than any other I have made, and asked a girl if she would go out with me. Since then, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve had some awful fights and occasionally said things to each other we didn’t mean, but nothing has changed the fact that since that day I’ve been completely certain that this girl was perfect for me.

I’ve met some interesting women in my still short lifetime, but ever since I met this one I have never desired another woman. We’ve put this day off at the advice of others for what feels like decades, but is honestly perhaps 2 years longer than when I think we were tired of rationalizing waiting.

Out of all that I have done, and out of all of the accomplishments that others tell me I should be proud of, I don’t believe there will ever come a day when I look back at my life and place anything over what is going to happen this Saturday. I love her, and this is the final step in the process of declaring my love but the first step in proving this love.

I am horrible at displaying affection, and I hope that I can make her know how happy I feel about this change in our lives.

One thought on “So I’m getting married

  1. Congrats! Shannah and I will have our 10 year anniversary this December. It’s been a rough ride at times, but we’ve stuck together, and our first child, a daughter, will be born in January.

    When you settle down from all the changes, here’s my Wii friend code: 6878 5443 5433 6487. I’m desperately looking for someone to send my Metroid Prime 3 “friend tokens” to so I can unlock the bonus stuff.

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