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New Article: Converting Numbers to Strings

I’m not keeping up my blog like I should. To try and fix this, I’m going to attack my backlog of “articles to end forum posts”. I’m active on some beginners’ VB .NET forums, and some questions come up very … Continue reading

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Perilous Parallel.For

I’ve been playing a lot with the Task Parallel Library because I’m really excited about the new Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern. Someone on the VB forum asked a question that was more or less about parallelizing a task, and I endeavored … Continue reading

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I guess I have to weigh in on Silverlight

I’m going to assume you’re familiar with the Microsoft stack and moderately familiar with the current furor over the shift in Silverlight’s strategy. If you’re not, this is going to be a boring post and you should move on. I … Continue reading

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Is parameterized logic always harmful?

I’ve read plenty of times that parameterized logic is considered harmful in testable design.  What’s parameterized logic?  It’s stuff like this: int Calculate(int lhs, int rhs, Operation op) { if (Operation == Operation.Add) { return lhs + rhs; } else … Continue reading

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MSDN Redesign Number Ten Million

Microsoft has updated MSDN again for what feels like the third or fourth time in a couple of years.  Microsoft is really concerned with making sure it’s easy for new developers to pick up .NET, but I don’t think this … Continue reading

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I Joined a Project for Fun

User ident on the XVBT forums asked for some comments and suggestions about his project.  I took a look at it and decided the number of comments sans explanation of fixes would exceed the size of a post, so I … Continue reading

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UI Control Naming Conventions

Microsoft was kind enough to publish a set of design guidelines for developing class libraries, and I use the book Framework Design Guidelines that is based on them daily. This has settled many disputes over the conventions our team should … Continue reading

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Using a TextBox as an Adorner

I was fooling around with an adorner in a test project and decided to use a TextBox instead of a ComboBox for convenience.  Unfortunately, I found I couldn’t type into the TextBox.  According to Jim Nakashima, this can be addressed … Continue reading

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Inheriting from ReadOnlyObservableCollection<T> and a Lesson about Constructors

I had need of returning a bindable collection from one of my classes, but didn’t want to allow the caller to modify the collection.  This generally requires a straightforward pattern in .NET: make a SomethingCollection class that derives from Collection<T> … Continue reading

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Programmatically Creating Windows File Associations

A user on the VB Development Forum I’ve visited for a few years asked a question about creating file associations.  I chuckled and assumed that a Google search would return a wealth of information about the subject.  I was wrong; … Continue reading

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