My AT&T Uverse Installation Experience

I moved to a new apartment last weekend, and as part of the move I switched from Time Warner cable/internet/phone to AT&T Uverse service.  I made the change because AT&T advertised higher download speeds for a similar price, and my TW connection gave me troubles with Netflix and sometimes Youtube.

With respect to the cable and internet installation I have to say AT&T was stellar.  I had a few issues with my Time Warner installation and none of them were present in this.  My download speeds are within 10% of the advertised speed, and I’m enjoying my service greatly.

The phone installation was a nightmare.  I tried unsuccessfully for two weeks to transfer my number, then had to give up and try unsuccessfully to have AT&T assign me a new number.  Here’s how it worked.

In the 2nd week of August, I called Time Warner and notified them I’d be terminating my service on August 23rd.  They offered me a lower rate, but I really wanted to try Uverse so I continued to cancel.  On the same day, I set up my Uverse service online, and the site told me my number could be ported.  Great!

About a week later, AT&T called me to tell me there was a problem porting the number; apparently the number had a pending order.  I called Time Warner, and the only pending order was the cancellation.  We decided to remove the cancellation order since I could cancel when I turned in my equipment.  I called AT&T and asked them to try again.  I still had about 4 days before moving, so I figured it would be fine.

Nope.  AT&T sent me a few emails the day before the move to indicate there was a problem.  They were trying to port my cell phone number, which had nothing to do with the number I asked them to port.  So I asked them to try again, with the right number this time.

No dice.  AT&T called me the day of my move to let me know there was still a pending order on the number.  Time Warner insisted there were no pending orders.  I couldn’t do anything because I was busy moving, so I put it off until the next day; I still had 2 days until the installation.  I told AT&T to assign me a new number, and after a few minutes the person on the phone told me what my new number would be and I happily continued to wrap up my move.

The day the tech was scheduled to do the installation, I got a call from AT&T.  The robovoice let me know there was a problem porting my number (!) and I’d have to reschedule the voice installation.  What?  I talked to a representative and there was apparently no indication that I’d already been assigned a number.  I asked her to assign me one, and she got confused and decided to remove my voice order.  At this point, the installation tech was at the door so I told her whatever and ended the call.

The installation tech had the number I’d been told I’d be receiving before, and knew nothing of the number port.  We decided to try the voice install and see what happened.  Interestingly enough, the phone halfway worked.  I could dial out, and caller ID would show my old Time Warner number.  But any attempt to dial in failed.  The tech couldn’t really do anything, but told me some stuff to tell the phone support so they wouldn’t waste time sending another technician to “install” the phone kit.  So I ate lunch and started that call.

It was an hour-long ordeal.  The first tech support guy couldn’t really do anything because the woman earlier in the morning had removed voice service from my account.  He transferred me to someone in sales. She added voice service again, and helped me notice that I’d lost the promotional credits to my account in all of this and re-applied them. After doing that, all she could do was schedule a voice installation, but when I explained that I was already installed and just needed a number she went to talk to some supervisors and figured out she could connect me to someone in high-level tech support. This guy was very confused that I was calling him from a cell phone; apparently he thought I was calling him from my voice service that I had already explained I didn’t have.  After I explained (twice) that neither my cell phone number nor the Time Warner number should be ported and I needed a brand new number, he got to work.  Some 20 minutes later, he told me I had a number and read it to me.  We did a test call, it worked, everything’s happy.

The number he read to me isn’t the phone number I have.  It was a kind of final problem, but it wasn’t tough to call my cell phone to figure out what my real number was.

What the heck happened?  How could AT&T screw up phone service this bad, isn’t it their traditional business?  Why did they give up on trying to transfer my Time Warner number and start trying other numbers associated with my account?  Why didn’t tech support on Tuesday know what tech support on Monday had done?  How did my installer get “Give this man number A” without my account having a note of that?  Why couldn’t the final and helpful person read me the number he *actually* assigned to me?

Aside from that, I’d highly recommend Uverse, I just had to vent about the phone process.

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  1. I GIVE UP: Unfortunately I did not have such a happy ending. I transferred all of my service from Comcast to ATT Uverse on MAy 29, 2010, because they promised me that they could reduce my monthly bill. The installation went fine and after a couple of hiccups, everything worked fine. In July, I started being disconnected in the middle of my phone conversations or my phone would ring but not in my home and voicemail would never pick. I was constantly getting calls on my cells by people looking for me and making sure I was ok. AT&T tech support has been to my home at least six times to repair my phone. Some of the techs worked on my phone as long as 5-6 hours at a time. The lines inside and out has been changed, all cords have been changed, the have exchanged my modem at lease 5 or 6 times. One day they changed it twice in one day. I have chatted with the online support. They frustrated me so badly that by the end of the conversation, I was typing in CAPS. There is no way to get to any higher up managers through that irritating phone tree. When I demand to speak to a manager, I was told by one Bus rep. that none were available but someone would call me within 24-48 hours. What kind of service is this. AT&T’s customer service STINKS. Last Friday, a technician came to my home and told me that they can’t fix my service so they were going to change my service back to regular phone service,without any additonal cost to me, if this was ok with me. I did not care. All I wanted was for my phone to work. So he came in and placed the order with the business rep. He had to go through the same phone tree that I had to. The rep asked to speak to me so I could give her my passcode. She then told me that the cost for my 2 lines would go from $50 to $57 a month. I told her that the support tech told me that there would not be any increase in my bill. She told me that they had no business tellling me anything about the cost and also that since I was breaking the bundle, my internet and TV service was going to go up $60 per month. I tried to explain that I was not breaking the bundle, AT& T was. She told me that it did not make a difference. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me the same thing. He said they have no way to adjust the cost. I find it hard to believe that their is not some one up the chain of commant at AT&T, that can make decisions to accommodate customer in my predicament. No one at AT&T has offered me any type of aommodation. I am just immobilze at this point. There is no more fight in me. I am waiting for my 120 day limit so that i can so back to Comcast or some other company, and be treated as a new customer so that I can receive some of the promotions. This has left a bad taste in my mouth for AT&T, accept form my cell phone. I have had my wireless service for at least thirteen years. No complaints – wonderful customer service.

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  3. I’ve deleted several comments. I don’t like doing that, but these were very spammy. I appreciate that DISH network employees found this post amusing. I didn’t mind that they name-dropped they’re company. But I draw the line at gushing reviews of DISH and links to websites that do “unbiased” research and find DISH superior to all of the alternatives. You can’t get free advertising on my site. Sorry.

  4. When I called to get uverse service for my apartment, i just ordered internet and television. On the installation date, no one showed up (and I had to take a day off from work to be there). When I called customer service, of course they apologized but the soonest available install date wasn’t for another 3 weeks! For the inconvenience, they said they would give me the first month of service for free. After it was finally installed (no problems with the installation) and I got my first e-bill (i signed up with auto debit), I noticed that they had charge me for the services. When I called customer service it took me almost 3 hours to get to a rep that could find the notes on my account that said I would get my 1st bill waived (i had spoken with like 3 other representatives that said they didn’t see anything about free 1st bill). I finally got my “first” bill waived on my second billing cycle. Despite that hassle, I fell in love with the DVR service and the ability to surf the internet and stream the files on laptop to my tv. It seems that AT&T needs to work on their communication becuase apparently certain call centers can pull up some information about your account and others cannot (and vice versa).

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  6. Never done this before but an at my wits end. They took out $1200. out of my (and my mothers) checking account without permission. It was easier to take care of my mothers things with mine as she is blind and just one less thing for me to have to do. I have been on the phone with ATT since September 28, 2011 and keep getting the run around. Each time I call I get a different answer. I was given a case number and was told they would expedite my case because of having to put my mom in a nursing home and having to apply for medicade. I had to get my own checking account because of this and told them that in May or June when I moved. They wanted to know if I wanted to be on automatic pay and I said no due to the above issue and they were not to use that account. THEN in September they took out all this money from my moms account that I have to account for to Medicade. I am livid. The guy I talked to today said that I was on automatic pay and I told him that I never was. He said I had a balance due…I said well, if I had a balance due why didn’t they take it out of the account them? Doesn’t sound right. How can companies just take out money from a customers checking account without permission????

  7. Hey! it is good to know that you are enjoying your ATT Uverse service. I have been using this service for couple of years and it is awesome.

  8. I read your post, as well as the replies… I am about to get AT&T and u-verse this Thursday, I originally had an install dat in the middle of March, had to call and got an earlier one in March, then on Friday got one for Thursday (ordered the service on Feb 2nd). I am looking forward to this, and I remembered my last encounter with AT&T being pretty poor, but u-verse just became available so why not give it a chance!?

    I did want to find out about other people’s experiences, most are pretty bad ones when getting things set up, but seems most everyone is happy with the service itself. I typically figure for any bad posts out there there are multiple times good experiences so hopefully all goes smooth. I may come back to let you know how things went (getting u-verse cable tv and Internet).

  9. @Rljmb23 How did your install go? I am interested in your experience with them, as I am looking to switch too!.

  10. I upgraded to UVERSE from AT&T DSL Service. Installation turned into a whole day ordeal because the tech had hooked my house line up to a bad outlet at the neighborhood hub.

    After the whole day installation, my 12mb/sec Internet worked fine.

    Fast forward a month later and my UVERSE Internet quits out of nowhere.

    Now AT&T tells me the next avavailable technician can’t home out and fix my problem until March 22nd. That’s 13 days from now…

    I’m hoping AT&T reads these blogs because they should know I’m seriously considering leaving them for comcast or sure west.

  11. I have not had a pleasant experience- I think I am going back to Time Warner unless someone can tell me this nightmare will end
    Mr. —– I am emailing you the detailed experience to date with the ATT U-Verse product. As the store manager of the facility I initiated the service contract with, you are the only face of ATT, besides the technicians who have attempted to provide service to my residence. I do appreciate your attempts to resolve this situation.
    Mr. ——–: Supervisor of the four technicians who have serviced my residence. When I call your number I have gotten-Mailbox full, and I left a message which has not been returned.

    On March the 24th I visited the ATT store in La Jolla to purchase accessories for my Niece’s cell phone. Zach the sales person who I have purchased items from before, began the sales pitch on U-Verse. He is very persuasive, and an excellent salesman. He explained to me that U-verse was far superior to the competitors with more features, channels and options. He went further to say that the internet would be considerably faster to what I experience with Time Warner. I purchased the U-Verse product and the install appointment was established for Monday March 26.

    As promised a technician named Patrick arrived on Monday morning to complete the install. We toured the house and discussed the location of the devises to be installed. Patrick arrived at approximately 0930 (not sure), 45 minutes later Patrick advised me that there was a feed or connection problem. The unit was not receiving the proper signal. I live in an attached 3 story town home. Patrick explained to me that he had elevated the problem to his supervisor and the next level of technician had to do some work at the street to fix the signal. At first I was under the impression that Patrick was going to wait for this to be completed-that seemed odd so I asked him. “Are you going to stay here while that is being resolved?”. He told me no, his supervisor wanted him to proceed to another install. I asked him are you going to have my service up and running today- he responded yes it will be running today and I will be back to complete the install. Remember-I have made arrangements with my employer for this install- at 4:30 PM I had not heard from anyone-not a soul!!!. Patrick had left his cell phone number with a “Dear Valued Customer” card- which is the first of four that I have received. I received his voicemail which stated if you are reaching my voicemail after 4:30 I am off work-please call customer service. It was now 4:31- I called customer service and explained I had been waiting for an installation- I received the first of numerous apologies from ATT customer service staff. It was now around 4:50 PM- the agent advised me that the account had been updated at 4:40 PM that the problem was resolved and the installation could proceed- when would I like to schedule? Now is fine– oh no not today, was the answer- I advised the next morning would be fine- that was also not possible. So the install was scheduled for Wednesday April 27- between 0800 and 1100.

    On Tuesday I visited Zach at the retail store to let him know that I was dissatisfied with the fact that I had made arrangements on Monday to be at home-and the technician left, and I never heard from anyone until I called at 4:30 PM- If I had known then what I know now- I would have cancelled everything.

    My next technician, Sean, arrived around 10 AM on Wednesday- he was very professional and meticulous, he completed the install around 3:30 PM. He even programmed all the remotes, and upon his departure everything seemed fine.

    Wednesday evening the devices downstairs worked fine, however the internet seemed to be slow. When I retired for the evening I turned the TV on in the master bedroom. It functioned normally for about five minutes-then the sound went to a garbled mess, then the sound went all together. I turned everything off to reset and turned back on-then I could not change the channels or complete any other command to the box. Sean had left his number, so on Thursday morning I called and got his recording stating that he worked 8 to 4:30- I could leave a message or contact technical support. I also had Jaun Velard’s phone number the supervisor-his mailbox was full. I then got on the phone with technical support that walked me through various trouble shooting functions. I then had to reboot and was advised that it would take up to 30 minutes and that they would call me back. At this point I had to go to work- so I told them I would call back if it was not working. As I left for work the TV came back on-all of the problems were still there. When I got to work I called the help number again and explained the problem was not resolved-more troubleshooting was suggested- I advised that I was at work, and that obviously there is a problem with connection since I have not had uninterrupted U-Verse since the install. Another appointment was made for Saturday with the advice that there could be a $55 charge if it was my problem as opposed to ATT- now I get this, but shouldn’t the concern be “why is this customer not getting the product the day after installation?” Of course the problem is ATT or the fact of the matter is that my unit does not have the adequate infrastructure to sustain their product so we should discontinue.

    As promised at 6:12 PM on Saturday I was contacted by the next technician, Mark. He arrived- my wife and I were having a dinner party- I asked Mark to let me know if he needed anything and to feel free to move around as needed. Mark was here for about 4 hours-he explained that there were issues with all the connections-he preceded to change out all the hardware 4 boxes (for the four TV’s) and the modem. The TV upstairs apparently did not like the HDMI connection so Mark opted with the cable connection. On his departure he asked that we call him the next morning if there were problems. Mark, being the professional that he is, actually left a message on Sunday morning asking if all was well. I called back in the afternoon and explained that it appeared more problems were occurring. More problems, I soon found out, was the understatement-none of the functions on any of the boxes were working except the ability to change channels “sometimes”. I actually had to unplug the box in the bedroom to change channels. When I say no functions- U mean nothing- if you try to record it states “DVR in Use”, I don’t know by whom I am here with my wife, if you try to pause it states-“not available”-or something like that. All of the boxes are supposed to talk-the main box states I have three recordings-when you try to play them it is a blank screen-on the main TV- the other three boxes when you look for recorded shows states there are none- but don’t worry all of our favorite programs are going to be recorded-but no, wait-nothing records.

    Sunday afternoon I meet Mr. —— the new store MGR in La Jolla. He apologizes and states that on Monday morning he will use his contacts to get this resolved. I tell him of my frustration, but further explain all I am looking for is excellent customer service to resolve my issues. Mr. —– emails me on Monday to let me know that he is working on it. at 3 PM he calls and has technical support on the line and schedules an appointment for Tuesday between 0800-1100. I am told that he will contact the local technician manager and ensure that the top guy is sent to resolve the issues.

    As Promised the next technician Noel arrives on Tuesday at 11:05–oh wait a little late. I explain the problems. He tests the internet and tells me I am getting the basic 2 meg which I am paying for. I let him know that I was promised it would be faster than my roadrunner with Time Warner. He tells me that would be 6 meg- he goes to his truck and comes back and states you are right, you should be getting our fastest-at least 12 meg and you’re not. I ask him about certain channels I am not getting, that I had specifically asked for-he tells me that I do not have that plan- I explain to him that one particular channel was asked for-he states not on this plan. I then explain about the functions not working on the TV- He goes to the main box to try and play one of the recorded shows- He tells me the reason it is blank is that I recorded a channel I do not get- I explain to him that I recorded the channel as I watched it…he then tries a “Recorded” Network show to get the same blank screen. After about 10 minutes Noel explains that there is some sort of feed problem from the box on the street-(sounding familiar?)-he tells me that it has been elevated to the next level of technician who is going to check the box, and that He (Noel) was going to trace the line from the unit to the street and they would find the problem. I told Noel I needed to get to work soon, but my best friend would be here all day. He asked when I was leaving-I told him about an hour and a half- he told me that is how long it would take him to troubleshoot the wires. Two hours later I have not heard from him I drive around the neighborhood to see if a truck is around there is not one. I call my friend at 4 PM to see if Noel had returned-he never did. At 4:30 PM I receive a call from a supervisor asking how many blue tooth devices are being used with the modem- I ask if anything is resolved, I am told no—- no more contact.

    Tuesday night I get my first ATT U-Verse bill- $240.

    Wednesday I call 800-tech- I immediately ask for a supervisor-of course getting this across takes 5 minutes- I am placed on hold for 20 minutes Mark “The Supervisor” comes on line. I explain everything to him-he suggests technical support- I ask if we could contact management in the area to resolve the issue-he states that is not possible-I then ask for his manager-again not possible, I explain that I had the pleasure of receiving my first bill for a product that does not work- I again state I need to speak to his manager-I also asked that he not insult me with offering me $25 dollars off- he proceeds to offer me $50 off- “Mark I asked you not to insult me, I want the product to work, or I want to be told it will not work” Please let me speak to your Manager-
    I then get Tina on the phone-who I have to explain the whole story again- once again apologies. She asks me for the names of the technicians and their manager-I give those to her-she is very professional and tells me that she has contacted the Manager of the Manager for the technicians and that I would be getting a call from this person and a technician, she also tells me she will personally call me back to follow up in the afternoon. She states that she understands that I have no faith in ATT at this point but she will call me back- She never calls back-one of her peers calls back 8.5 hours later

    At 10AM I go to the ATT store to visit Mr. —–he is off for the day- I leave a message on his cell phone.

    At 3 PM I have not heard from anyone-I call a person who sells U-Verse that I had met recently- he tells me that this is the biggest problem with ATT there are so many departments that no one takes ownership for problems and this is why it is hard for him to sell the product- he advised me to call a special number that will certainly take ownership to resolve-he explains for me to let them know it is an “install failure” and to cancel service if I have no success-that would put me on the line with someone who could resolve. I call this number and get another Mark- I ask him if by any chance I spoke to him earlier-I didn’t- I let him know my issues-he wants to put me through to technical support-what a merry-go-round- I explain to him I wish to cancel- he can’t help me with that-Can I speak to your manager-they are on other phone calls-I tell him I will wait-he keeps coming back every 5 minutes to explain for him to continue to hold- after 20 minutes I ask him to have his manager call me back- Do you think I received a Phone call….of course not.

    I receive a call on behalf of Tina at 6 PM- The gentlemen explains to me that Tina asked him to follow up to ensure I had been contacted by a technician and a manager- due to my cynicism at this point- I ask if you were betting which way would you go- He said it could go either way- I tell him of course not—

  12. At&t Uverse – absolutely horrible! I have been fighting this company for 6 months over them not giving me my package rates that I signed up for (which I have documents to prove my order) I began my calls 1 month after my service began and was promised it would be corrected, which I was told could take a month our so.
    Come March and it is still not corrected so I called again, was told they would start An investation and to keep service i would have to pay almost $200 over what i was supposed to and it would be credited back. Which i regretfully paid.
    Now May And no corrections have been made and again they need to do another investigation. I have spent about 10 hours on the phone with many agents, I have been hung up on at least 6 times. They have confirmed there investigation showed that I have not receive the promotional rates that I should have. Yet they want me to pay the $400 due for the extra charges over my ordered rates, which they then say they will credit me back. How does that work, you screw up my account and you make me pay for it? I think not. Even The billing Manager said he was unable to correct The Account. As of now I don’t even owe a full month of service. TERRIBLE! Avoid like the plague. I oversee Service Providers and the customer service they provide and I have heard some terrible stories. This Company tops the cake! 😡

  13. WARNING AT & T UVERSE ISN’T HD, only 1080i

    The appointment was scheduled and the tech arrived on time
    He installed all of the required equipment to include phone, internet and tv
    When he asked me about the alarm system, he advised me to call ADT and do a test. After the test failed he was on the phone with them for over 30 min and solved the problem

    Here is the reason I’m posting this
    After completely installing the service and explaining the remote he says Oh, ATT uverse is not 1080p Well folks this is true, if you plan on receiving true HD from uverse don’t bothering getting this service. Even the ATT store customer service rep was not aware

    Basically ATT is falsely advertising there service as HD when it is only 1080i
    Be aware of this a pass it on

  14. We have had nothing but problems with AT&T U-verse! They are coming out AGAIN this week…supposedly…we’ll see if they show up this time! If they change out our DVR box it will be the 4th box in 1 year!! The main box in the front room will suddenly freeze up which causes other TVs throughout the house to lose the ability to fast forward, backup or pause. Further, when they change the box you lose anything previously recorded. I had several concerts I enjoyed going back to from time to time as well as Matt Cain’s (S.F. Giants) perfect game of June 23, 2012. As bad as their product is, their customer service is EVEN WORSE!! You would think they could hit an 8-hour window, but oh hell no! After tying you up by having to be home for them, they fail to show half the time. IF YOU DON’T HAVE U-VERSE I’D ENCOURAGE YOU NOT TO GET IT!!! We live in an area along the S.F. peninsula in which no other competitors are available.

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  16. Do NOT get ATT Uverse! I have been trying to get uverse installed in my house for over a month. I have either had the technicians miss their appointment time, schedule a date/time with a phone rep that was later different from what the automated system stated. I have had to take time off of work to be there when a tech should have shown up. I have had to schedule/reschedule a total of NINE times have finally had a tech come out to tell me that “My account had been cancelled” and there was nothing he could do. He gave me a number to call that was disconnected. Luckily he was still in my driveway so he then handed me a pamphlet and told me to call the number on that. While I was quite upset, I did call that number only to be told that we needed to “start over”. The person would NO LONGER waive the install fee or equipment fee that I have had waived over the course of my issues. While the people you speak to at ATT will be nice and try to help, they are only putting bandaids on a system that is obviously broken. ATT could have been getting money from me for over a month at this point. Instead, they have lost me as a customer for life.

  17. ATT stole my business’ phone number aand gave it to a residential customer without any notice. I switched to Uverse all-in-one service in 9/12. I had the phone number changed and ported to an easier to remember number for my EXISTING business, to begin print advertising. Of course it took them a month, yes a MONTH, to complete this and my number was changed on 11/2/12. After getting back from being out of town for the holidays I was curious as to why I had not received any calls or messages, called my office line and someone else answered!! I asked what phone number I called and he said gave my own! I was astounded.

    I’ve spent at least 3 hours on the phone over the last week. ATT NEVER BOTHERED TO PORT THE NUMBER!! I’ve been told by 2 service techs that it would be corrected and even have a case #. This past Sat & Sun I rec’d calls from ATT telly me my “order” won’t be completed due to “technical issues”. They didn’t even bother to call me Monday, if you can believe that.

    The worst part – I spent many THOUSANDS of dollars and 100’s of hours on print advertising. A website, business cards, business forms, uniforms, jackets.

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in 23 years of doing business. I am contacting the attorney general’s office today as well as my attorney and suing ATT for loss of income and damages. As well as having them investigated for fraud and bait & switch advertising.

    I will bookmark this site and try to update when I can.

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  43. Every time I’ve schedule ATT to install new service (whether its a simple land line or U-verse wifi) at my 2 different homes, the install has been a pain in the arse. They give you a window of time (say 12-4) to take off work when they will show up. The window mysteriously stretches out by a few hours for some reason (oh no, now 12-6). Then at the last minute someone from the local office calls (if I’m lucky as sometimes they just no show) to say there is a problem. It seems that no one in my highly populated suburban neighborhood has uesed ATT so the area is not wired out here for what I’m going to be using (oh, a very high tech land line?, really???). So, now an “Engineer” has to be contacted (is that suppose to impress me?) So a few minutes later I see some dude sitting in his ATT car scratching his nuts (eww) playing on a tablet (yes, like 2 blocks away from my house, I can see him when I walk my dogs – are you here for me? I wonder and what the heck or you doing?) Evidently, he’s doing some sort of engineering “work” on his tablet that looks a lot like Tetris and also maybe texting. (Yes, then I’ve driven by and seen you ATT dude in your ATT car sitting in there texting – okay maybe he’s working but it really looks like my teenage son hiding out and avoiding work). When I hear from the local dispatch (probably his girlfriend) saying oh something really horrible has come up and even though I swore it would be today, looks like no not so much so it will now be 24-48 hours (man that sink hole of a window of time really just opened up). When I call 800 number to complain the nice young Asian lady says that she will absolutely ensure that I have service tomorrow. I ask her really? how? where is she? How can she ensure that? What typeof power does she have? does she know this guy? how is she going to make him get it done? Can I use her magic on my teenage son? In the end, of course, no she can not get the ATT guy to work. That was just a well rehearsed lie practiced in role play training for what to say to people who have gone mad waiting for services and installations to be take place. Several times, they don’t even come in my house (so why did I need to take off work). Whats really going on. If they don’t have to come in my house, why don’t they just tell me my installation will take place 3 days later than what they originally imagine. That way I’ll be so happy with the earlier completion. What a weird, frustrating company. I also love how they close on the weekends if you want to cancel, the workers who are working say you have to call back on a “work” day. What happened to 24/7? Is this a joke?

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