On New Year’s Resolutions

So I’ve already missed one of my resolutions multiple times.  That resolution was “blog about something once a week.”  The biggest problem I have is I wait to blog until I have something epic to talk about; I need to work on producing smaller posts about interesting topics.  No one wants to read a blog with 4 posts/year.

I need a better WordPress theme, and I need to spend some time learning how to customize WordPress better.  I really don’t like how it’s tough to get from my landing page to the blog, and it’d be nice to have a login link somewhere.  There’s a couple of books that look promising; I hope they don’t prove to be cruddy.  It’s a shame that libraries don’t carry relatively recent computer books, but it’s not like they’re rolling in dough.  Funny that there’s always money for rockets and prisons but we can’t fund education or healthcare.

This looks like week 9, so maybe I’ll meet my goal for the rest of the year.  Here’s a couple of extra resolutions for the heck of it:

  • Maintain my current weight; stay under 150 pounds.
  • Lower my triglyceride count; it’s still > 900 which is horrible.

Hopefully I’ll do better about meeting those two resolutions than this one. 

For some reason Windows Live Writer’s bullet lists are broken.  Hooray!

2 thoughts on “On New Year’s Resolutions

  1. There’s a lot of nice WordPress themes out there. Recently I found Graph Paper Press ( http://graphpaperpress.com/category/themes/ ) which has some really nice ones. They make you register, but you can get a lot of them for free.

    As far as making it easier to get from the homepage to the blog, that’s just a matter of having more obvious page navigation in your template.

    I should blog more frequently too, for me it’s mostly just a matter of having something to write about that I feel hasn’t been done a million times already.

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