Managed DirectX Documentation is Installed in VS 2005 Help

I’m working on some research that involves managed DirectX, and after I read a few chapters of the book Managed DirectX 9 Graphics and Game Programming (which I really recommend — more later) I wanted to look at the documentation for some of the classes that were discussed to get a more in-depth understanding. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the documentation, so I turned to Google for answers. The only reasonably decent hits I found were forum posts dated in 2005 discussing how it was still beta and there was no documentation. Useless. I had almost completed an email to Tom Miller, the author of the book, when I noticed the sentence, “I have looked in the VS 2008, VS 2005, and Windows SDK help…” was false. I had looked in VS 2008 and Windows SDK, but not VS 2005.

So, I’m continuing my series of posts inspired by things I tried to use Google to find but failed. If you want to know where the Managed DirectX documentation is in the March 2008 DirectX SDK, look in the Visual Studio 2005 help.

It’s possible I overlooked an installer option but I’m too lazy to check again.

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