Annoying Dialogs

Every now and then, Visual Studio’s busy doing something it feels is really important, and I end up seeing this dialog:

VS Delay Notification dialog

The dialog is trying to be helpful.  It’s telling me that VS is busy, and it gives me three choices: switch to the application that’s holding things up, wait a little longer, or cancel the operation that caused the delay.  I have never seen the “Cancel Operation” button be a valid choice.  “Switch To…” is worthless because 9 times out of 10 VS is the application that is causing the delay.  So, this dialog is little more than VS making fun of me and telling me that I’ll just have to wait for it’s oh-so-important mystery operation to complete.

2 thoughts on “Annoying Dialogs

  1. Seeing this dialog box quite frequently when using the “Copy to Output Directory” property on files I want copied to the output dir when running the project.

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