What I hate about the web these days

Let’s assume that I’m looking for information on some fringe programming topic that doesn’t have a lot of pages with content.  It might be something like the new D3DImage class in WPF that allows you to render DirectX content on a WPF surface, and whether there’s a way to make it work with the XNA framework and thereby avoid having to write managed code (not all shops have people proficient in writing managed code.)

So I ask Google to tell me what it knows about this; looks like a few results, right?  The first two I see are a The Code Project article and the MSDN documentation, which seems like a pretty good first two results.  Buried in the results is a forum post with a user asking about using SlipDx with the D3DImage.  The rest of the results are nothing but blog posts, forum posts, and news posts with nothing but "Dr. WPF wrote an article about this, here’s the link:"

Isn’t Google supposed to be smart?  Why can’t it filter out blog entries with non-ad content of less than 20 words?  I have to wade through a sea of these blog posts which are nothing more than internet trash to find any articles about what I’m interested in.

One thought on “What I hate about the web these days

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I was actually looking for info about using SlimDX with D3DImage when stumbling upon this post, lol :).

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