VS Project Templates are Aggravating

I love Visual Studio, but some of the work I have to do to make things work the way I want is aggravating.  I just started a new WPF solution to follow along with a chapter in the book, and decided to give it a descriptive name so the directories would look all nice: "Chapter 8 – Styles".  Visual Studio assumes you want to use the solution name as the default namespace for all projects (unless you specify different project and solution names; then it uses the project name).  Of course, the namespace naming rules are more strict than file naming rules, so I end up with the lovely namespace name "Chapter_8___Styles".  Lame.

What’s worse is even if I go into project settings and change this, it only affects new files added to the project, so I have to go through the solution and change every namespace reference.  For the WPF application project template, that’s changes to 3 files before I can build and run.  It sure would be nice if I had an easy way to change this.